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Welcome to the 3D Future - The next Generation - Prostitution Version 20.19

Welcome to "Oceano The Club“.

Whether you visit us directly or via our virtual website or whether you are a visitor or a member, you are always welcome with us and we look forward to your visit today.

We are open daily and located directly on Europe’s most important north and south route, directly on the A2 Autobahn Lugano Süd exit 50 from Zurich to Milan. Our large and secure parking lot is just 3 minutes away from the Autobahn. Your dreams are just 15 minutes from Italy and 30 minutes from Milan.

Whether you come directly to Lugano by car or airplane or from one of the Milan’s three international airports, visiting us is always a first-class experience. Coming from Tokyo and will be in the area? Don’t pass up a visit to "Oceano The Club“. Never visiting us would be like never seeing Rome.

Would you like to visit us anonymously? Do you need a transfer from Milan, Zurich, or wherever else you are? Do you need a flight, taxi, Uber, hotel, or perhaps even a gift for your date? No problem - give us a call! We always take care of whatever our friends hold dear. Are you still not a friend? Then you still haven’t visited us!

Our Club is disabled friendly and wheelchair accessible!

Between 40 and 65 models await you every day! Do you have your own ideas? You will find them here...
Enjoy pure hot and erotic sex that you’ve only seen in a porno film as if in your own home.
You only want to see beautiful models? No problem! Visit us and enjoy our atmosphere. Treat yourself to a drink and watch a football game, Formula 1, or Moto GP. If you are not bothered by the sight of a dozen beautiful girls, then you are in the right place here.

Enjoy an atmosphere of pleasure, quiet and relaxation anytime.

Between 14:00 and 19:00, our models finally present themselves discretely to you, and will walk away just as they appeared. None of our models will force themselves on you or ask you to talk. Only you decide whether and with which model you will communicate. Would you rather enjoy another drink? No problem! You will be able to do this undisturbed 365 days per year between 14:00 and 19:00.

After 19:00, our models will speak with you if necessary. However, our basic motto is “eye contact”. Would you not like to be disturbed? You will quickly notice how that’s no problem for us!

Are you a man, single, alone or with friends? Are you planning a party, a bachelor party, or simply just an evening with a dozen beautiful girls? Let us know what you wish for at "Oceano The Club“ and when you want to visit. We will arrange everything necessary for you! What do you have to do for it?

Call us or write us a WhatsApp or e-mail. You’ll find the corresponding links for this on this page and also a reservation form.

By the way! It's your birthday? Upon presentation of your identity document, you will have a free entrance to the Club and a glass of Champagne offered by us!

Are you concerned about the costs? No problem!
Take a look at our prices - a visit is cheaper than any restaurant or disco.

It’s great to have you with us again - We are happy to see you!

Oceano The Club
The Team
(since 2014 under new management)