House Rules

Dress code

In general: at Oceano The Club applies the casual dress code. During the day, and especially in the summer months, we also accept a light type of clothing. However, this must always be appropriate.
From 20:00, the following rule applies: shoulders of our valued male clients must be covered. In this respect, we do not accept muscle shirts, tank tops, singlets, or similar. Shorts and T-Shirts with short sleeves are allowed.


Smoking is permitted by law in Oceano The Club only in the designated "smoking room" and on the balconies. Outside these areas, smoking is prohibited.


Heavily drunk guests are rejected at the entrance. Guests who get drunk at the Club and behave improperly will be asked to leave the Club.


Drugs and narcotics are strictly prohibited. Violations will lead to the permanent exclusion from Oceano The Club.

Photos & Videos (mobile phones)

We accept the use of mobile phones in the Club. However, it is strictly forbidden to take photos or videos, especially from other guests and our models. Cameras are generally prohibited.

Rules of general behavior

In Oceano The Club an appropriate behavior is requested from all. Our visitors as well as our models and especially our staff, expect a respectful and impeccable behavior at all times. Any conspicuous behavior, in particular any attack on our models, must be reported immediately. Anyone who does not treat others respectfully in Oceano The Club will be excluded and banned from entering. This applies in particular to visitors who do not properly treat the models.


Our models are completely independent and are free to choose their visitors. This also applies to the stay in the house or in the contact bar.


Between 14:00 and 19:00, our visitors enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the contact bar. During this time, models are only allowed to approach the visitors in a discreet manner and present themselves at a sufficient distance. The choice of contact at this period of time depends only on the visitor. After 19:00, any kind of contact is allowed.

Conditions between models and visitors

In principle, contact between models and visitors is not regulated. However, a normal and civilized behavior is expected at all times. In case of infringements, our models and/or visitors will be called to order. In case of a serious violation of the house rules, models and/or visitors must leave our house immediately upon the first request. In this case, our security staff will discreetly ask models as well as visitors to leave the house. This applies with no exceptions. The exchange of telephone numbers, if desired by both sides, is permitted.


There are no obligations between models and visitors. The models are not beholden to any visitor and in any way to them. However, the visitor has to pay the model the agreed fee for the services received. The models are free in determining their fee and can only orientate themselves on the usual methods and prices in Oceano The Club.


The visitor accepts the desired fee of the model on first request. Should a visitor fail to meet his payment obligation, Oceano The Club will take appropriate actions to complete the payment and, if necessary, contact the competent authorities (police). In particular, Oceano The Club reserves the right to detain visitors on site until the arrival of the police.

Visits to the rooms

Visits to models’ rooms are permitted at any time of the day, but are subject to the supervision of our staff, in particular during normal opening hours (contact bar) by our security staff. Visitors must always be accompanied by our models, be it from the contact bar or from the reception desk, to the models’ rooms and, after the end of the visit, they must also be escorted back to the reception. No visitor is allowed to leave a room unaccompanied by the model!


Our reception is open 365 days a year at any time of day or night.

Entrance fee

During the opening hours of the contact bar, visitors must pay the regular entrance fee according to the price list of Oceano The Club. This also applies in the event that they do not visit the contact bar. However, the visitor is entitled to the beverages in any case, which are also transferable.

Video surveillance

Our public areas throughout Oceano The Club and the external area of the building are permanently under video surveillance (except guest rooms and sanitary facilities). Our models and our visitors must explicitly accept this kind of surveillance!

Club ban

Oceano The Club also reserves the right to deny certain visitors access to the contact bar and/or to the models' rooms. This applies in particular to visitors who have already become conspicuous or are under the influence of narcotics, as well as to persons who are in an obvious indirect or direct relationship with one of our models.

Legal status

Oceano The Club is a "Erotic Local" in accordance with current legislation. The models and visitors accept the house policy of Oceano The Club even if they have not been aware of each detail!

Condom obligation

At Oceano The Club there is an obligation to use condoms. Any infringement, whether by models or visitors, will result in a ban from the Club. Oceano The Club expressly reserves the right to notify the relevant authorities, and is in fact even obliged to do it!


All rules and conditions not listed here, which are a prerequisite and a matter of course in daily and shared coexistence, also apply without a special notice. This is valid also in any case for rules not written down here but applicable daily. Both, the models and the visitors must strictly follow the staff’s instructions (The Team) and in especially from the management (Club Manager).


In addition, the legal provisions of the Confederation, the Canton and the Municipality as well as the Swiss Code of Obligations apply.