The option to book a room is reserved exclusively for models who have already stayed at "Oceano The Club" or who have already received an application confirmation for a future stay at "Oceano The Club"!

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Herewith I reserve a room at "Oceano The Club" in the following room category:
  • The kitchen can be equipped with a microwave oven on request
  • We accept CHF/EUR/USD (exchange rate 1:1)

and accept the following conditions:

  1. The rent applies for one overnight stay, beginning on room entry and ending when leaving the room. The room must be left before 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.
  2. The daily rent can be paid in advance or must be paid daily by midnight at the latest.
  3. Payment, including the daily flat rate withholding tax of CHF 25,-, is made at the reception desk in cash.
  4. At the beginning of the rent period, a deposit of CHF 200 is required. This deposit will be held against rent not yet paid when leaving or will be refunded.
  5. Notice of termination of the rental agreement must be given by the dweller at least four days in advance. For both parties, this not apply in exceptional circumstances).
  6. When renting a room, our dwellers are reported to the cantonal supervisory authority (TESEU) with their personal identification number (codice univoco) or with a copy of their official identity document.
  7. If the dwellers are not yet in possession of their personal identification number, they must physically present themselves to the cantonal supervisory authority (TESEU) in Via Bossi 2b in 6900 Lugano the following day after the rental (Monday to Friday) between 10:00 and 12:00 and apply for registration. Two current passport photos are necessary! The costs for the one-time registration amount to CHF 100,- and must be paid by the dwellers directly to the authority on site.
  8. The authority examines the dweller's application at the same time and, in a positive case, assigns a corresponding identification number, which must then be presented to "Oceano The Club".
  9. However, renting a room at "Oceano The Club" is on condition of holding a residence or a work permit in Switzerland. A European citizenship (EU passport) or a European residence (according to the official identity document) generally meet the requirements for a work permit. Unfortunately, interested parties without residence in Europe or with third-country citizenship must be refused for legal reasons. For dwellers with an ordinary taxable residence in Switzerland, the registration with the supervisory authority (TESEU) and submission of the daily flat tax are not required.
  10. If a dweller, for whatever reason, is refused by the authorities, she must leave "Oceano The Club" immediately and follow the instructions of the authorities.

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